Wednesday, 5 October 2016

An Overview of 3 Types of POLAR High-Speed Cutters

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Used Polar Cutting Machines

POLAR high-speed cutters are renowned world over for their top-notch performance and user-friendly features. The N generation of machines, for instance, provides a simple network integration as well as intuitive guidance for the operators. The good part is that there is POLAR equipment for every size, be it half, medium, or large.


The compact POLAR D 56 machine comes equipped with performance-enhancing options, hydraulic drive units, and several other attractive features. This is a programmable machine, which guarantees exceptional cutting precision and longevity. Then there is the D 56 ECO, which brings on board an ergonomically arranged control panel with 5.5" monochrome display and extra low-profile keyboard. The best part is that repeat sequences may be saved in one of 198 available memory positions. The D 56 PLUS comes outfitted with an 18.5" touch-screen display and 1998 memory positions.

Medium Size

The POLAR Autotrim M in the medium-size segment is highly programmable and automated equipment, which offers the ease of cutting strips into labels. For getting rid of the waste emerging from edge trim or intermediate cutting, there is the POLAR N high-speed cutter, which offers automatic cutting waste removal system. Further, the mobile aligning station ensures automatic removal of cut labels from the front table of the machine to the right side. A great advantage of installing this range of new or Used Polar Cutting Machines is that it can also be used for conventional cutting tasks.

Large Size

The POLAR N 155 high-speed machine finds its application in offset class 100 × 140 cm. This machine can easily be used on formats having diagonals up to 1,550 mm. However, when using larger sizes, one needs to ensure that the material to be cut must be turned on the front table. Often revered as the all-rounder, the N 155 PLUS features a 18.5“ touch-screen color display, automatic graphic programming, change-over measurement system, graphic operator guidance system with various language packages, configurable user interface, and OptiKnife knife & changing system.

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