Monday, 11 July 2016

All You Wanted to Know About Polar 115 – The Most Widely Used Polar Cutting Machines in India

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Revered as the best high-speed cutter for size 63 x 88 across the globe, the POLAR 115 delivers exceptional performance. Featuring the excellent OptiKnife knife changing system along with a range of programmable functions, this machine is a class apart. Further, it is simple and easy to operate, and offers the best resale value. It is also renowned to provide shorter makeready times as well as higher efficiency as compared to its rival brands. Those wanting to install used polar cutting machines in India may choose between any of the below-mentioned model variants:

N 115 PLUS

This programmable model comes outfitted with an 18.5'' color-display and Touch-Screen operation. Offering supreme standards of longevity and reliability, it is an ideal machine for daily use of all types of standard cutting work. Its intuitive cutting program generation via block programming ensures shortest make ready times. Then there is the POLAR-Positioning-System DPS, which renders a mechanical positioning accuracy of 1/100 mm. 
N 115 PRO 

Offering a 22“color Touch-Screen, this programmable model caters to sophisticated cutting jobs. Some of its remarkable features include order-specific programmable parameters, label & distortion correction, and many more. It is fully capable of increasing the productivity by almost 20%. By integrating peripheral equipment such as lift, jogger, buffer, loading & unloading systems, this machine can be converted into to a high-performance cutting system.

N 115 AT

This is also another programmable model which comes equipped with a capacitive 21.5'' TouchScreen display. With a knife speed of 45 cycles per minute, it provides automatic trim removal, real image preview for high end applications, and a wide spectrum of other options for precise and accurate cutting jobs.  

There is no denying that this machine is the perfect fit for those who want precision and profitability simultaneously. Another advantage is that when there is a surge in demand, it can be upgraded to create a state-of-the-art cutting system, merely by adding peripheral equipment. Print shops on the lookout of Used Polar Cutting Machines in India may get in touch with Goodmachine, the most trustworthy dealer and importer of Polar cutting machines and other branded printing equipment.   

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

A Brief Insight on the Different Varieties of New & Used Komori Printing Machines

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Komori Corporation is an eminent name in the printing press industry. Since its inception in 1923, it has been providing superior quality and reliable products. They always strive to integrate the latest technology trends, so that their customers can enjoy supreme levels of productivity and efficiency at their units. Over the years, the company has forayed into various segments and has been offering a diverse spectrum of products. It also undertakes special initiatives for conservation of the environment. Below is an insight on the product ranges of New & Used Komori Printing Machines: 

Lithrone GX/G Series

The ‘G’ in the Lithrone GX/G stands for ‘green,’ thus symbolizing Komori’s commitment towards a green environment. Offering an array of automated functions, this product line-up from the house of Komori delivers great print quality and higher productivity, whilst ensuring a pollution-free environment. Simple to operate, these offset printing machines are a class apart. 

Lithrone SX/S Series

Offering short makeready performance coupled with high-speed printing, the SX/S series is every bit sophisticated and technologically advanced. Apart from rendering sublime print quality and great productivity, these machines have a well-structured level of automation that makes operating the machine a smooth and seamless experience. With all the controls conveniently located on the operating panel, these products deliver high level of productivity. 

Lithrone A Series

This high performance and compact press can produce A1-size products, with a 640 x 940 mm maximum sheet size. It is fully adept to print sheets of up to 37 inches in width and runs at a maximum printing speed of 13000 sheets per hour. Another advantage is that since it is compact and lighter in weight than the conventional 40-inch press, it attracts a lower capital cost as well as lower life-cycle cost. A state-of-the-art press, it is capable of catering to the varied requirements of the publishing and commercial printing industries.  

Those on the lookout of Used Komori L 428 may contact Goodmachine, the largest Used Komori Printing Machines Dealer In India. This dealer offers second hand branded machines at unbelievable prices. It also has a ready stock of other reputed brands, including Heidelberg, Adast Dominant, Bobst, and many more.